Best Steroids for Bodybuilders

Best Steroids for Bodybuilders

Best Steroids for_Bodybuilders

The purpose of bodybuilding is not only for participation in the competitions but also to have a well sculpted body structure. Presently the health conscious population does use steroids for the muscular development and better sense of well being. 
Now number factors play significant part in determining which the best steroid is for a particular bodybuilder. The factors include the age, experience, sex, strength sports goals and the medical conditions. Different steroids will build muscle and burn fat in different degree.

Following the guidelines including training schedule cycle and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

Now considering the composition, mode of functioning and the benefits the following steroids are found to be the leading products used by the community of bodybuilders:

Anavar:  It is supposed to be the safest steroid in the market. It is quite effective in burning fat so it is beneficially used during the cutting phase. This steroid is widely used by the beginners and it has the least possibilities of any side effect. It can be effectively used by female bodybuilders. Being an oral steroid it is not liver toxic as the metabolisation process is carried out by the kidneys.

Testosterone: It is the first ever anabolic steroid produced and remains most sought after steroid. It results in significant muscle gain and increase in strength. It is popular due to the affordability and increase in muscle size. Beginners often use testosterone alone cycle for the first time. It is predominantly an injectable steroid while the esters being enanthate, cypoinate, propionate and undecanoate.The last mentioned ester being an oral version. You should resort to Post Cycle Therapy in order to avoid the estrogen related side effects.

Dianabol: It is supposed to be more anabolic than testosterone but less androgenic. It is the most effective steroid for bulking up and proper muscle building. It is ideally effective in the off-season causing rapid muscle gain. You should consult a physician regarding the dose and Post Cycle Therapy because there may be water retention related effects.

Best steroids for bodybuilders

Trenbolone:  It is quite popular among the bodybuilders because it provides sheer power and enables building lean muscles. Adavantageously you will not find any water retention related undesirable effects. You will also notice an increase in vascularity due to lack of aromatization. It is mostly an injectable steroid, effective in cutting cycle as fat burning is maximized. Like Dianabol it can be effectively stacked with other steroids for greater results but you should consult a physician in this regard.

Turinabol:  It is a quite powerful oral steroid and as it does not cause water retention then the entire weight gain will be due to the increase in muscles. It is not that effective for bulking up but it produces noticeable change in size and strength of muscles. It is relatively mild in the sense it does not cause noticeable side effects.

Winstrol: It does not have that bulking benefit such as Dianabol but provides significant muscle gain and excessive fat is properly burnt. It is better used as a stack than being the major compound used. It does not create water retention so the bodybuilder will have a lean body structure.

Deca Durabolin: It is an injectable and slow acting steroid which is often stacked with other bulking compounds to get grater results.

Masteron:  It has high anti-estrogen property so the muscular structure has a hard look. It is effective for the bodybuilders who are not looking for huge bulk. You must have the right kind of dose, follow strength training balanced diet and avail Post Cycle Therapy where applicable.

Taking the steroids at the prescribed to avoid undesirable effects

You must remember that any steroid will only become effective in the case you use it at appropriate dose. Otherwise undesirable effects may occur which include high blood pressure, water retention, acne, hair loss, liver toxity, increased cholesterol level and seizures.

As you use steroids for bodybuilders you should consult a physician regarding the dose, cycle and stacking. You will get the desired results in the case you use the steroids in suitable dose.


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